Matching shoes and bags

Discover the finest and widest collection of matching shoes and bags perfect for wedding guest, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and other special events like races and high teas. Our statement-making matching bag and shoes for wedding collection will save you time and effort in creating a well-coordinated look. We only stock the very best and latest styles from UK special occasion designers. Our shoes and bags sets are made to impress for fashion-forward ladies like you, shop and buy.

Matching bag and shoes for wedding

Explore the carefully curated collection of matching bag and shoes for the wedding. If your plan is to dress to kill, we have you covered for your special event and have done the hard work out of your shopping experience. Every shoe has a matching clutch bag in the same colour and/or style to complete a well-coordinated look. Why waste valuable time searching for a shoe then a clutch separately, we have them all set-up for your convenience. All you have to do is select your colour and style and you have nailed that look. 

Bag yourself a discount in the process, do not forget that, buying the mother of the bride shoes and bag sets saves money. Order a set and get up to 5% OFF. Click on the link to automatically add the discount to your basket.  Browse our occasion shoes and bags below, watch our short video for inspiration.

Mother of the bride shoes and bag sets

A special occasion calls for a special pair of shoes, more so if you are the mother of the bride. We pride ourselves in selling only beautiful shoes suitable for all occasions. Find below our mother of the bride shoes and bag sets collection below with pre-selected shoes and bags of the same colour so you can choose your own pair.  Our designs are trendy and fashionable with high quality for your best choice. All that is left for you to do is adding it to the cart. Select from