How to select wedding shoes

Do my shoes have to be white?

Yes they do. You are the bride

Does my shoes and clutch have to be same colour

It’s up to you

5 Best Clutch Bags We Love

The 5 best clutch bags our clients love

We have curated a collection of the best clutch bags from our customers this season. As always, every clutch bag has a matching pair of occasion shoes in the same colour and/or style. 

1. Tabitha : Understated elegance with a dainty diamante.

2. Fiona: Simple in design, rich in style.

3. Chelsea: All time favourite. Ladies love the rectangular diamante

4.ADORE: All about the glitter

5. DOLCE: Loved for it’s versatility, can match many shoes.

6. MELODY: Every brides pride and joy in luxury lace.